Music, Cinematography, Art Direction, Production Values, Kajal As Princes, Mass Masala, Entertainment at Times, Action ChoreographyMusic, Cinematography, Art Direction, Production Values, Kajal As Princes, Mass Masala, Entertainment at Times, Action ChoreographyHero Characterization, Dialogues, Fat Cast & Crew But no Utilization, Raw Entertainment, Forceful Comedy, Story Line in Second Half, Direction, Screenplay in second half.
Ratanpoor Kingdom has its great King Family taking good care of them and also another king Raja Bhairav Singh Family who trouble everyone around grab thier lands, murdering those who question them. Sardar Gabbar Singh gets diputed to Ratanpoor.. How he bring Raja Bhairav Singh actions to justice and saves Ratanpoor.....

How Ratanpoor Princess Harshi is Associated with these series of events and what is Sardaar Gabbar Singh relation with her are to be seen on silver screen.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Has fattest cast than all Movies Released in 2016 put together. 80% screen time shared between Hero, Heroine, Villain… other than these three characters there is nothing much for others to do.

Pawan Kalyan looked tired & dull on screen, His Dialogue delivery reminded the low profile characterized movies such as “Thammudu”, “Johnny”, But Gabbar singh is a powerful character and overall expected better show from powerstar. Kajal as princess of ratanpoor seized complete opportunity make big bang presence. Her Atittude, attire, makeup, Costumer and every detail make you believe her as princess of kingdom. This is by far the most matured performance from kajal.

Shrad Kelkar has an amazing antagonist charectarization and he did his best. From screen presence to dialogue delivery.. Faulty Storyline & Screenplay Combined with jumbled direction in second half made the role & performance, a passing cloud. Posani, Brahmanandam, Mukesh rishi, Pradeep Rawat and many more didn't have much to do.

Rock Star DSP Gave Lateral life to Sardaar Gabbar Singh. Along with good album, Devi Sri Prasad also gave life to almost every single scene with in the movie. There were more than 9 times in the movie where DSP Background score did magic of winning audience heart.

Cinematographer Arthur A. Vilson’s work ranging from fool- proof close-ups, stills, showcasing rich kingdom oneside to showcasing troubles of poor – vilson work is worth mentioning. Art director brahma kadali did his job well.

Pawan kalyan is a martial art specialist by self. Action choreographer due ram-Laxman gave the hero exactly what he is best at and what audient want to see in his movies. Commendable work Ram-Laxman in this movie Sardaar Gabbar singh.

Like in majority mass-commercial films Sadaar Gabbar movie is also on thin plot – Single line Savvior story penned by powerstar pawan kalyan self. He has also contributed screenplay for the movie and both the sections fail to impress rather drag the movie and change fate of it in a non-pleasant manner. The whole second half is testimony for it, especially Sardaar Gabbar Singh Climax is a classic example of how a star hero much hyped – 75 crore invested movie climax should not be.

Director kolli Santosh Ravindar etched what exactly pawan kalyan fans want to see and conned them well but forgotten it takes the whole characters to give visual feast for audience. At no time he was seen as mom incharge of the drama, Emotion, Romance, Entertainment or Action.. At all times he has come across as someone who want to elevate hero present him golden screen space. Not a single dialogue memorable from the movie other than the once in trailers.

Editor Gautham Raju could have rendered great deal of services farther to Sardaar Gabbar Singh majority of second half could have been taken care of atleast 40 mins out of 164 mins runtime could have been trimmed away to save the outcome of film Sardaa Gabbar Singh.

“SURYA is NOT A NAME – IT IS A BRAND” dialogue scripted by popular puri jagannath and it is absolutely apt for power star pawan kalyan the much spoken about political & cinema hero.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh is Pawan Kalyan’s solo movie after 3 years break co-incidentally from Gabbar singh.

 People ranging normal audience to movie freaks and trede analysts as well critics have been eagerly waiting for this Sardaar Gabbar Singh movie. The reason being in the history of Telugu cinema there has never been a telugu movie sequel succeeded example being Ram Gopal Varma Money-Money to Surya & Hari’s Yamudu2. Everyone has been asking a question can this god power star pawan kalyan change the history?

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Started with Pawan Kalyan Message “ ” signed by himself. Whole first half in fact seemed to be that the movie was only for his fans those who always want to see their hero on screen and make him do great things doesn’t matter what the story is and how other characters are evolving, what would be overall audien engagement. That is exactly Sardaar gabbar Singh first half is all about.

Felt it is okay, as fans didn’t see him for 3 long years and they deserve it and rest of audience will align. But Sardaar Gabbar singh second half went on to a state where those hard fans called the flick as average towards exit of theater.

Like most of commercial mass entertainer Sardaar Gabbar Singh is based out of very old formulaic single line savvior hero problem was that the old wine was presented within old bottle…. Takes away element of surprise. On top of that there are tons of characters keep coming over to screen and goes off without even a dialogue. Irony is that powerstar himself penned story as well as screenplay for sardaar gabbar singh both of these trades seen to be impacting prospect of the film.

Most important of all, hero characterization Sardaar Gabbar singh doesn’t exhibit attitude, command, ease of performance, Can you imagine Gabbar Singh delivering in level of “JOHNNY” “THAMMUDU”? Will you enjoy seeing same? However Powerstar and crew need to be appreciated about few scenes where Kalyan lay low and let others play pranks on him.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh has Actions, Heroism, Love, Emotion, Sympathy and all other elements needed for a successful movie only problems is that these elements failed to produce needed AURA all put together. Sardaar Gabbar Singh has its moments but half of Gabbar Singh only.    

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Tweet Review

3:55am : Reminds some of the fight sequences within Johnny.

3:53am : And there comes a simple ... Way to simple conclusion for the SARDAAR Gabbar Singh  Review, Rating

3:52am : Too much gunfire and way too many bullets, gunfire and of course blood onscreen
3:50am : The whole movie has been unimaginable for sometime and been back to massy closure

3:45am : Have you ever imagined Powerstar Pawan Kalyan imitating Megastar Chiranjeevi song ... Not just one but multiple moves of BIG Brother ... Nice to watch.

3:42am : Again one more unanticipated  and different .... This episode makes you want to see the GabbarSingh Antakshari scene... On a good note or otherwise .... You would understand when you watch the movie
3:36am : The last 10 mins made mess out of hero character within SARDAAR Gabbar Singh  Review, Rating

3:33am : SARDAAR Gabbar Singh movie is not capitalising in the fattest  crew been applied for this flick... This whole movie revolving  around few character... If that is the need why is too much of crew and having too many people disturbing ?

3:30am : Unexpected twist within SARDAAR Gabbar Singh Review, Rating ... Good one, Movie finally leading to a row of conclusion

3:21am : Relation between Princess and SARDAAR Gabbar Singh been revealed and making a scene about the same getting into another action sequence

3:15am : Yet another song within the SARDAAR Gabbar Singh Movie Review, Rating, except first two songs [ Gabbar Singh Intro, Nee cheap Kallu, Tauba, Tauba] all the songs are forcefully pulling the audience out of the movie and disturbing the plot.

3:12am : SARDAAR Gabbar Singh Movie Review, Rating Dialogue: Gelavaadaaniki Vache Prativaadu Raaju Kaadu... Gelichina vaade Raaju

3: 11am : Amazing scene etched by the team in terms of dealing with the horse.

3:10am : Raja bhairam Singh as villain re-entered the scene, Background score is as if it is the final scene of movie

3:06am : SARDAAR Gabbar Singh Movie Review, Rating pace went down

3:05am : Bramhanandam As Rajput Vs Powerstar as SARDAAR Gabbar Singh comic  episode ... Just a time filler but not quite funny

3:00am : Native fight sequence you rarely get to see within Telugu Moore has been running on the SARDAAR Gabbar Singh Movie Review, Rating

2:55am : Mukhesh Rishi character been etched in a way to expect a twist from the same in time to come

2:51am : SARDAAR Gabbar Singh Movie Review, Rating  opened with revenge plot and continues to fiddle between romance track and setting things straight at Ratanpoor kingdom.

2:50am : But at many times the whole hero characteristic has been established so beautiful

2:47am   : Powerstar Pawan Kalyan - screen presence been etched as the low profile majority times
2:46 am : Welcome back to SARDAAR Gabbar Singh Telugu Movie Review, Rating.
2:34 am : SARDAAR Gabbar Singh Movie Review, Rating started with mini into of Powerstar trademark neck itch and interval bang has been presented with the same trade with real Powerstar.

2:33 am : Been really Long time since connecting a mass score and hero elevation scene hats off to the director as well as music, action choreography.
2:32 am : Vaadevadenna ... Veedevadanna ... Sardaarannaku addevadanna been playing on screen.
2:31 am : Potassium Injection kind of lyrics and the action sequences of Jai Jai Jai Nayaka ...

2:30 am : SARDAAR Gabbar Singh Movie Review, Rating : Puttina Prathi Vedhava Bhoomi Thana sontham anukuntaadu - Kaani aey vedhavaina bhoomike sontham.

2:27 am : Wonderful and well thought through interval bang getting played on screen nice setting of Ratanpoor
2:25 am : For some reason ... Power star appearance in this movie SARDAAR Gabbar Singh is low profile almost all the ways even from the makeup and costumes stand point.

2:22 am : Ultimate encounter between Antagonist and hero - Raja Bhiram Singh and SARDAAR Gabbar Singh within the SARDAAR Gabbar Singh Movie Review, Rating.

2:20 am : Wonderful situational scenes and melodies music along with wonderful Kajal on screen presented the melody tune of the movie.
2:17 am : Jabardasth comedian team has just been shown on screen not much to do so far ... The whole cast and crew of the film has been far and the production values of the SARDAAR Gabbar Singh Movie Review, Rating are sky rocking.

2:15 am : Kajal Agarwal has been the most appealing cast so far and she is so natural as princess ... From the days of magadheera to current sadaar Gabbar Singh Review, Rating ... Kajal Agarwal is just amazing as princess.

2:10 am : SARDAAR Gabbar Singh dialogue: chinnappati nundi muddu pettevaallu Kaani... Mudda pette vaallu Kaani karuvaipoyaaru.
2:05  am : SARDAAR Gabbar Singh Movie Review, Rating had Rao Ramesh entered and left.

2:00  am : Powerstar Pawan Kalyan entered into the palace and proposing to the princess already in a funny manner.

1:57 am : SARDAAR Gabbar Singh Review Rating has been presenting amazing fight sequence the whole theatre is going gaga.

1:50 am : Minimum 100 rowdies or group dancing women on screen with massy lyrics and powerful music and then Lakshmi Roy presents Tauba Tauba song.

1:48 am : Comedy, Guns, Crime, Violence and low profile of SARDAAR Gabbar Singh ... Yeah wonderful romantic track and the entire jabardasth comedy crew filled ... Power star presented entertainment making SARDAAR Gabbar Singh alright movie so far.
1:48 am : SARDAAR Gabbar Singh Telugu Movie Rating  has been showcasing Mukhesh Rushi in powerpacked role.

1:45 am : Bramhanandam was shown on screen .... E has been successful in bringing few laughs though.

1:42 am : Funny encounter between SARDAAR Gabbar Singh and Kajal Agarwal the princes of Ratanpoor.

1:42 am : Kingdoms, Kings and Family politics has been shown on screen... And they are believable to certain extent but nothing as so perfect though.
1:40 am : Pawan Kalyan seen singing songs and dancing for lady sings and etc... It is complete reverse of Gabbar Singh in this episode ... It is entertaining for sure.

1:38 am : There is reverse Antakshari within the movie SARDAAR Gabbar Singh Telugu Movie Rating.
1:37 am : SARDAAR Gabbar Singh Movie Review, Rating  has been introducing pack of comedians.

1:36 am : SARDAAR Gabbar Singh Telugu Movie Rating  presenting the Ratan poor princes Kajal Agarwaal... Beautiful location, Wonderful waterfall, princes attire and no dialogue yet the frame has been kewl.

1:35 am : Powerstar Pawak Kalyan has been natural on screen so far ... His mannerisms have been continued all along and he was shown bit more aged on screen

1: 30 am : SARDAAR Gabbar Singh has been moved to Ratanpoor

1: 25 am : Punch Power packed lyrics by Ramajogayya Sastri, expensive locations , Way too many background dancers in every frame, presented Gabbar Singh introduction song and amazing foot tapping music you all heard within SARDAAR Gabbar Singh Telugu Movie Rating

1: 16 am : SARDAAR Gabbar Singh Telugu Movie Rating Dialogue: Nam hai SARDAAR Gabbar Singh ... Puraa Hindustan Hamaaraa Jurisdiction Haire

1:15 am : Powerstar Pawan Kalyan entered into the scene ... Grand massy introduction of Powerstar with the theme music daaaaaa....daaaa...dadadaaaaaa......  As usual Gabbar Singh was seen on the horse with police attire but the red towel... And yeah nice goggle

1:10 am : Villain has been introduced with amazing background music ... SARDAAR Gabbar Singh Telugu Movie Rating presenting violent scenes and Posani Krishna Murali has been seen on screen

1:08 am : SARDAAR Gabbar Singh Telugu Movie Rating  didn't continue from the Gabbar Singh rather chosen a new introduced and new plot altogether.

1:06 am : Wonderful preview intro of Powerstar in childhood

1:05 am : SARDAAR Gabbar Singh Telugu Movie Rating has started with punch dialogue " Jho Dar Gayaa Samjhi Margayaa "

  Powerstar Pawan Kalyan fans have been rocking the entire theatre

1:03 am : Sardaar Gabbar Singh Telugu Movie Review Rating by has commenced

1:02 am : Furnishings naama samvatsara subhakankshalu... Meeku mee kutumba sabhulandariki

1:00 am  : Telugu Movie Lovers, Powerstar Fans, Mega Fans and every Telugu person out there.... fans & readers .... We all the staff and team of ... Prestigious unit of India Herald Group wishing you a very warm good morning and welcoming you to the review of SARDAAR Gabbar Singh of power star Pawan Kalyan

We all whole heartedly wishing you a happy Ugadi.

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