As per report meet AWA Modula, a piece of high tech developed by swiss company Greentec aqua, which has a patented process to turn air into potable water. It runs on the principle that as air contains humidity, the water can be extracted from it and used for human consumption and the machine was displayed for public view at Electronic City in bengaluru recently.

Image result for Ever imagined there would come a day when a machine generated water from thin air?

Reportedly the air is run through an air-conditioning unit to take it to dew point and the water that comes out of this process is filtered and “re-mineralized” so that it’s safe for human consumption. Furthermore the company’s managing director Martin Kolodziejczyk says that the machine is made of galvanized steel and food grade materials, which make it different from your regular, run of the mill AC reject water. Hence depending on the variant, you can get anywhere from 250 litres up to 10,000 litres per day from the machine.

Moreover priyanka Jamwal, an ATREE fellow who is an expert in water management said “There needs to be a cost-benefit that will make industries considers alternatives to ground water. Groundwater is inexpensive. If the industry is sitting on a place with access to groundwater, all they have to pay for is the electricity to pump it up”. Perhaps Conservationist Joseph Hoover says, “How much do you spend on the initial cost and running cost? It’s too much. technology should be accessible to all. Should only industries have clean water?”

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