Contractors who do not perform upkeep work on Metropolitan Corporation parks have been fined Rs 4.96 lakh. "Metropolitan Corporation of chennai, on behalf of the Parks Department, has set established and maintained 704 parks across the city for the protection of the environment and for public leisure," according to a press release issued by the chennai Corporation today (Oct. 18).

Contractors in privately owned parks must mow lawns, eliminate weeds between lawns as needed, correctly maintain walkways and plants, and plant new vines in areas where grass or plants are densely dry or undergrowth. In addition, the contract should include the appointment of the required number of trained staff, the complaint record at each park to report visitors' concerns, and the time of visit at the park's entry, including the amount of personnel.

Contractors who did not perform their duties effectively would be fined Rs.4,96,318. If any defect or sagging in the park maintenance work is discovered, the contract of the involved company will be terminated. Residents' Associations can keep an eye on the parks in their neighbourhood and report any problems or concerns to the Zonal Office, Regional Deputy Commissioner's Office, or Headquarters at 1913.

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