Prime minister Narendra Modi addressed the Constitution Day function organized in the parliament to mark the Constitution Day.

New Delhi: prime minister Narendra Modi has said that hereditary parties are always a hindrance to democracy.

 Prime minister Narendra Modi addressed a function at the Central Hall of parliament on the occasion of Constitution Day. He reminded us that all of us are here as a result of the Constitution. 

The central government has decided to hold the Constitution Day as part of the Azadika Amrit Mahotsav program.  

He said today was a day to pay homage to long-time greats like baba Saheb Ambedkar and Rajendra Prasad. 

The prime minister said that we should question whether we are following the Constitution literally and spiritually. He said we need to ask ourselves where we are going, what our priority is, and where we are taking the country. 

Everyone needs to be self-critical if we follow even one page of the constitution. The program was boycotted by 14 parties, including Congress. Members of other parties attended the event. 

Modi launched a similar program in 2010 during his tenure as gujarat Chief minister during the Constitution Gaurav Yatra.

He elaborated on the vision of the Constitution that the people would like to transform india into a democratic republic. 

He expressed concern over the reduction in working hours in the 254th session of the Rajya Sabha. The rajya sabha lost 70 per cent of its working time. 

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