In a well-known scene from Srinu Vaitla's "Badshah," Nassar's relatives add the suffix "Simha" to their names in order to lessen the impact of their surname, "Pilli," making them Pilli Jayakrishna Simha, Pilli Padmanabha Simha, etc. balakrishna recently remarked, "Puttaali pudithe simhamlaa. Simhamlaa Puttaanu Neenu "I thought of that badshah episode right away. What makes him a Simham? 

He sought refuge and produced the "mentally unfit" certificate from Erragadda Hospital to avoid punishment when he was discovered in the gun shooting case at his home. He pretends to be a lion even though in reality he is a "pilli." In his nine years as an MLA, he never let out a roar in the Assembly. He is unable to discuss any subject. He is a moron who is incapable of speaking intelligently without a piece of paper in his hand or a rehearsed line of speech in his thoughts. 

If he begins speaking without preparation, it will come out like a joker's act in a circus. Despite the discomfort of the people around him, his hilarity gives him the impression that they are laughing heartily at what he has to say. He tries singing as well, presuming he can do it well. He lacks mental clarity and is unable to distinguish between praise and ridicule. He would have yelled in assembly like a strong leader if he had been a Simham. His artificial power is restricted to movies alone. However, it's unfortunate that those around him promote his courage and filterlessness. But to say he's "mindless" is to put it simply.

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