In order to develop plans and strategies for the party for the upcoming assembly elections, the ysr congress party president and chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Y S jagan Mohan Reddy, entered into an agreement with the indian Political Action Committee (I-PAC), which is supported by well-known political strategist prashant kishor, more than a year ago.

Despite not being personally involved in the development of Jagan's strategy as he has in the past, prashant Kishor's team, under the direction of his colleague Rishi raj Singh, has been working on the project for the party. The I-PAC team has been tasked with the job of pinpointing the flaws in how the party and government are operating at the local level, making recommendations for improvements, analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the party at the local level, evaluating the performance of the party's MLAs, and ensuring proper coordination between the MLAs and other local leaders.

However, it seems the I-PAC team missed the rising discontent within the party and some leaders' covert talks with the telugu Desam party, let alone warning the party leadership about these things. The Rishi raj Singh team hasn't been able to identify rebel signals or develop strategies to put an end to the rebellion outside of routinely reporting to the chief minister on the performance—or lack thereof—of the party's MLAs.

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