PM Modi crushes rahul gandhi in Parliament-Part4...

Continuation of Part 3...

7. people immersed in despair do not see the effort of Indians

PM Modi said some people immersed in despair are not able to see the progress of India. Can't even accept it. They are unable to see the efforts and achievements of the people of India. india is moving forward in every field. In the last 9 years, 90,000 startups have started in India. Today we are number three in the world among startups. It has become the identity of India's youth potential. Despite the effect of Corona, 108 startups have become unicorns. 

8. We are a country full of faith, dreams and determination

PM Modi said, today there is the only hope at every level in the country. Today we are a nation full of faith. It is a country that runs with dreams and resolutions. Some people are still immersed in deep despair here. The PM said this disappointment did not come just like that, there is a reason behind this disappointment. One of these is the repeated orders of the people against them. From the year 2004 to 2014, India's economy deteriorated, what will happen if there is no disappointment in this? Inflation has been double-digit in 10 years, so if something good happens then disappointment emerges.

9. The decade before 2014 was a lost decade

Attacking the Congress, PM Modi said, the decade before 2014 will always be known as 'The Lost Decade', but the decade of 2030 is India's decade. He said the time from 2004 to 2014 will be remembered as a decade of scams in the history of independence. Most scams happened in the 10 years of UPA. In the year 2010, the Commonwealth Games, which were going to become an opportunity to show India's youth potential to the whole world, defamed the country all over the world due to scams. In the second decade of the century, the country was discussed for the blackout. During this period, the UPA government turned every opportunity into trouble. The reason for their disappointment is that the potential of the country is coming to the fore. When the era of IT was emerging, he was trapped in the 2G scam. There should have been a discussion on the civil nuclear deal, so they remained trapped in the cash-for-vote scam.

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