Do you know what kind of country Kailasa is..?

It has been explained by Nityananda that Kailasa is a country based on unlimited service. On the 24th of last February, the Geneva United Nations held a discussion meeting. Representatives of Nithyananda's Kailasa country also participated in it. The related photos were also published on social media and they said that they have recognized Kailasa country in the UN. Apart from that, various Hindu organizations accused Nithyananda and chased him out of the country. In this case, the question arose whether the UN recognized Nityananda's United of Kailasa, and it was explained that it had not. In this case, a video has been released from Nithyananda's official twitter page. It said that they are a renaissance of an ancient enlightened Hindu civilization and work through a group of United Nations-recognised NGOs operating from many countries around the world. It is very much founded in the spirit of a country like the sovereign mandate of Malta, a nation of boundless service. But how does the country work? Does it have an election? Do citizens have passports, birth certificates, and other documents? Like the Sovereign Order of Malta, Kailash operates through several institutions and NGOs, temples, and monasteries in several countries. It is a misrepresentation that Nithyananda is on the run in india after multiple allegations of rape and cheating. All such allegations are completely false. A number of prominent human rights lawyers have provided independent reports and legal opinions, it said.

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