Why Navjot Singh Sidhu was early released from prison?-P2...

The supreme court gave Navjot Singh Sidhu a one-year term in the 1988 case involving road rage.

Prisoners are released even on parole and furlough

There is a provision in india to give concession like parole or furlough to the prisoners who are serving a sentence for a long time. The rules of both parole and furlough are different. Furlough means leave from prison. Prisoners are given to fulfill family, personal and social responsibilities. A prisoner can get maximum three furloughs in a year. Furlough is given to the convicted prisoners to maintain their mental balance and to connect with the society.

While under trial or convicted prisoners can get concession of parole or furlough. The prisoner is given parole only when one year of his sentence is completed. An essential condition for getting parole is that the conduct of the prisoner should be good inside the jail. Several categories of parole have been created. Like there is a rule of 6 weeks parole for farming. It can be given only once in a year. Parole of 4 weeks can be given once in a year for admission of children in school. There is a rule of parole once in 3 years for building or repairing a house. It can be of maximum 3 weeks. Apart from this, the prisoner gets parole even on the marriage of someone in the family.

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