Navjot Singh Sidhu's wife expressed happiness...

Navjot Sidhu's son karan Sidhu said that the whole family was eagerly waiting for his father's release from jail. karan said that the last few times were very difficult for his family, but now that his father has been released from jail, he is very happy. To welcome Navjot Sidhu, supporters put up his posters and hoardings at many places in patiala city.

A supporter standing outside the jail said that party workers are very happy about Sidhu's release. Navtej Singh Cheema, a former mla and leader of the congress, claimed that Sidhu's release from prison is what the people of punjab are hoping for. In the 1988 case involving the road rage, Sidhu was given a one-year rigorous jail term. On May 20 of last year, the erstwhile leader of the congress in punjab turned himself in at a patiala court, and as a result, he was imprisoned.

Sidhu's lawyer HPS Verma had told on friday that due to the good conduct of Navjot Sidhu during his imprisonment, his release is being done ahead of time, as is allowed under the rules. Navjot Sidhu's family had received information from the patiala Jail authorities regarding his release.

Will go to religious place after meeting family

Sources told that after being released from jail, Navjot Singh Sidhu will first go to his home and meet the family. After this, he will go to the religious place and then take permission from the doctor whether his wife can go with him or not.

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