Tokyo olympics gold-winning javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra has expressed his dismay at the way wrestlers who participated in the protest were arrested.

For more than a month, Bajrang Punia, Vinesh Phogat, sakshi Malik and others who have won medals for india in Olympic and World Wrestling Championships have been campaigning for the arrest of indian Wrestling Federation President Brij bhushan Saran Singh. Farmers have also joined this struggle to support them. They have accused Brij bhushan Singh of sexual harassment. This protest has been going on since april 24 at the Jandar Mandir in Delhi.

In this case, the opening ceremony of the new parliament building was held today. In this context, the protesting wrestlers and sportswomen had decided to march towards the new parliament building and hold a maha Panchayat meeting there. Accordingly, they marched out from Jandar Mantar and reached the point where Jandar Mantar road ends. Then all of them were arrested by the police in front of Brij bhushan Singh's residence located on Ashoka Road.

Prohibitory order 144 has been issued in delhi to avoid incidents ahead of the inauguration of the new parliament building. Wrestlers and female wrestlers have been arrested because of that. In addition to this, it has been reported that the police has been removing the items from the place where they were protesting.

In this regard, javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra, who won gold for india in the tokyo olympics, has expressed his concern on Twitter. “This video makes me sad. This should have been handled in the best possible way,” he tweeted. He also shared a video of female wrestlers being forcibly arrested.

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