NBA accreditation was given to the district's government Polytechnic college for its high caliber of instruction. The college, which was founded in 1956 and has a 33-acre campus, is well-known for its technical education.

The college, which specializes in skill development and job placement, is ISO-certified. students receive instruction in a variety of skill sets, giving them the know-how to find jobs even before they finish their studies. To offer specialized training to students in the vehicle department, the institution, and hyundai Motors have signed a five-year Memorandum of Understanding.

The NBA's three-year recognition, according to college principal Nagaraju, raised the college's educational standards and would also help students find employment. The All india Council for Technical education (AICTE) additionally provides the college with development money to support its workshops and laboratories.

A four-person NBA team visited the college in march of this year and thoroughly evaluated its resources, facilities, educational quality, employment prospects, and other pertinent factors. The district was extremely proud of the recognition the college had achieved, he said. Hanumanpura, Mahabubnagar, telangana is home to the State Board of Technical education and Training, Hyderabad-affiliated government Polytechnic, Mahabubnagar, an AICTE-approved polytechnic college.

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