With band, baarat, a traditional wedding spread, and each food item freshly made with water from the city of pearls, the Hyderabadi shaadi now travels to Bengaluru without a bride or a husband.

On june 4, the Bengaluru concept event Daawat-e-Hyderabad, organised by the hyderabad restaurant Mataam Al Tur, will showcase the cuisine and culture of Hyderabad. Participants can participate in the festivities by dancing in the baarat parade, sampling the various Hyderabadi foods, watching a Qawwali performance, and other aspects of a traditional Hyderabadi wedding.

Mohammed Ismail Salfi, the owner of the restaurant, created the concept with the intention of reintroducing the genuine traditions and rituals of Hyderabad. Everything must be brought in from hyderabad, including the food, labour, cooks, waiters, crockery, utensils, and even the water, which makes it exceedingly difficult. We are bringing the water from hyderabad because there isn't much of a difference between the water we use in hyderabad and Bangalore, which could affect how it tastes.

Numerous Bengaluru-based influencers are promoting the event, and as a sign of their excitement, participants' tickets have been purchased from as far away as mumbai and Pune. "Customers from Bengaluru and other areas who frequent our restaurant have expressed great enthusiasm and curiosity in our city's culture, particularly the wedding and food. Ismail: "So I reasoned, why not throw a wedding for them? He is also presenting Marfa, the customary band that often supports the baraat, at the Bengaluru event.

On june 4, various locations in Bengaluru will host Daawat-e-Hyderabad. Mataam Al Tur plans to continue hosting these Dawaats in the future to promote Hyderabadi culture internationally.

"I am anxious as well as eager about the occasion. Ismail, who is 31 years old, acknowledges that exhibiting Hyderabadi culture and cuisine in Bengaluru will be quite difficult.

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