Hyderabad residents have been searching for opulent farms to visit for a staycation or short getaway outside the city. Instead of going to bars or restaurants, spending time with family and friends on a farm is preferred. For those who wish to have fun with no time constraints while remaining in touch with nature and in an environment free of pollution, farm vacations have become popular. In order to spend quality time alone with their loved ones, many people long to travel to farms outside of the city.
According to Priya, proprietor of Priya's Garden in Chevella, "people have been choosing farm stays because they have time restrictions when they go out for clubbing or dinners while they can spend a whole day on the farm with no restrictions at all." For a staycation, farm owners allow visitors to reserve their properties for a single day or as many days as they desire. These locations are also reserved by people for pool parties and private events.

"We have three container rooms that can accommodate up to 12 people, a swimming pool, projector with JBL sound system, camping tents, and other amenities for people to have a comfortable stay," claimed Sai Teja, owner of Little Utopia, which is located on Chilkur Road in Moinabad. For guests' convenience, farmhouses offer a variety of conveniences. Some even provide on-site chefs, verdant lawns, and freshly picked produce from their own farms.

Many of our visitors appreciate being able to choose fresh produce from the farm and prepare it in the kitchen with everything they need. In addition to this, we have a gorgeous pool, gazebo, and a sizable garden where visitors may stroll under the stars, said Priya. The proprietor of Priya's Garden, a lovely pet-friendly establishment about 34 kilometres from Hyderabad, takes the maxim "Live fresh, Eat fresh, Breathe fresh" seriously and seeks to instill it in her visitors. They have a tranquil atmosphere that makes relaxing a memorable experience for its visitors.

While Little Utopia, about 37 kilometres outside of the city, is a beautiful haven to relax in style. It is a comfortable place to stay for a vacation away from the noise of the city. They have a stunning open theatre setup that steals the show.

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