The madras high court has upheld the life sentence imposed by the madurai Prevention of Atrocities court on 8 persons including Yuvraj in the Gokulraj manslaughter case, and ordered that the sentences of the two sentenced to life imprisonment be reduced to 5 years.

Gokulraj is an engineering graduate from Omalur in salem district. Belongs to the list. He has fallen in love with another society girl along with Namakkal who studied with him. Both were talking on 23.6.2015 at Arthanareeswarar temple in Tiruchengode. Gokulraj never returned home after that. Subsequently, Gokulraj's body was found with his head and body dismembered on the east Tintipalayam railway track in Namakkal district.

Investigation revealed that Gokulraj was murdered because he was in love with a woman from a different community. In this case Yuvraj, the founder of Theeran Chinnamalai Counter Council, his car driver Arun got 3 life sentences, Kumar, Satishkumar, Raghu, Ranjith, Selvaraj got 2 life sentences, one life sentence each for section, Krithar and 5 years rigorous imprisonment for another section, one for Chandrasekaran. Sentenced to life imprisonment. 5 people were released.

All 10 persons, including Yuvraj, filed an appeal in the high court branch seeking quashing of the sentence. A petition was filed in the high court branch on behalf of Gokulraj's mother Chitra and CBCID seeking to quash the acquittal of 5 persons and sentence them.

In this appeal case, a bench comprising Justices MS Ramesh and N. anand Venkatesh, who ruled today, upheld the life sentence awarded by the madurai Crime Prevention court to 8 people including Yuvraj in the Gokulraj manslaughter case. Salient features of the verdict:

> In this case, although there was no motive for the murder, it was proved that caste was the reason for the murder.

> The trial court has awarded the sentence after examining all the evidence.

> The witnesses have been thoroughly examined by the government. Hence there is no error in the judgment of the trial court.

> The charges against the accused have been proved in the case.

> The first accused in the case, Yuvraj, his driver Arun, Kumar, Satishkumar, Raghu, Ranjith, Selvaraj, Chandrasekaran, 8 persons are confirmed for life imprisonment.

> Yuvraj, the first accused in the case, should spend the rest of his life in jail. He cannot claim adjournment on grounds of good conduct.

> In this case, the trial court sentenced Prabhu and Krithar to life imprisonment, reducing that sentence to 5 years.

> The appeals filed by Yuvraj and others against the sentence imposed by the trial court are dismissed.

> The appeals filed by Gokulraj's mother against the trial court's order acquitting Shankar, Arul Senthil, Selvakumar, Thangadurai and Suron are dismissed.

> media should not sensationalize police investigation of such cases.

> media should be made aware of restrictions on freedom of expression. The verdict also mentioned that Yuvraj has used the media to his advantage.

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