Municipal Corporation of delhi (MCD) Mayor Dr Shelly Oberoi addressed media persons during a press

conference on Monday. During this, he said that Rs 117 crore has been released by delhi government to

MCD under capital and Revenue Head. This money will now be used to complete MCD hospitals, maternity

centres, PHC and other projects like the health centers of delhi government.

Mayor Shelly Oberoi said that Rs 117 crore released by the delhi government will be spent on improving the

MCD health system and developing necessary facilities. He told reporters that the kejriwal government has

released Rs 54 crore under the capital head and Rs 63 crore under the revenue head to repair the delhi MCD

health system.

MCD Mayor said that the issues of education and health remain top priority of the Aam Aadmi Party

government. After rejuvenating the state health service, delhi government is now preparing to make major

changes in MCD hospitals. Now the hospitals, medical colleges, maternity centers and PHCs run under MCD

will be repaired and made capable of meeting the health needs of the people. He said that the money released

by the delhi government will be spent on projects related to strengthening the MCD health system.

Work will be done rapidly on these health projects

He said that MCD is ready to provide the best health model. Rs 117 crore will be spent on more than 1700

projects. The money will be spent on repair work of buildings of Hindu Rao Hospital, North delhi Medical

College, Swami Dayanand Hospital, Rajan Babu tb Hospital, purchase of medical equipment and

development of other facilities. Apart from this, Madipur Primary health and Maternity Centers will be

opened. The expenditure will be spent on repairing the primary health centers located in Kutubarh, Lal Kuan

and Sadar Bazar. Attacking BJP, Shaili Oberoi said that during the last 15 years of their tenure, they worked

to ruin the MCD health systems.

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