Ayyakannu, President of South indian River Linking Farmers Union, said that prime minister Modi should dissolve the karnataka government which has not fulfilled the supreme Court's order to provide water to tamil Nadu. For the past 48 days in Trichy, the farmers have been protesting under the leadership of National South indian Rivers Link Farmers Association President Ayyakannu, who have been demanding the fulfillment of the demands of the farmers, demanding that the central government announce that they will give double the price of agricultural products, and the state government has announced that they will give the products produced by the farmers. are involved. In this case, today, the 49th day, there is no proper price for coconut. As a result of this, all the coconuts have dried up and the farmers are suffering losses. The masked figure of prime minister Modi was standing with the dried coconuts and the farmers fell at his feet and started a new protest chanting "Save.. Save.. Pay the right price for coconuts".
Ayyakannu, who gave an interview to the media, said that prime minister Modi will give twice the price of agricultural commodities. He also said that he would pay 54 rupees for paddy and now he is paying 20 rupees. Saying that he will not give 8000 for sugarcane, he gives 3000 rupees. Is this fair? Even though the supreme court ordered the karnataka government to release water to tamil Nadu, they are refusing water. Modi is responsible for carrying out that order. He also does not say to water. In tamil Nadu, which has cultivated 30 lakh acres, it is now questionable whether one lakh or two lakh acres are under cultivation. Currently, the coconut yield has also decreased. Therefore, we have protested asking Mr. Modi to save the farmers from eating rat food and snake food. Modi has a duty to fulfill what the supreme court has said. That is what the Constitution says. If the supreme court order is not respected, the government should be dissolved and steps should be taken to provide water. The chief minister of tamil Nadu said that he may go on a fast like Jayalalithaa, Stalin's former chief minister, or he may see and ask Modi.

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