On sunday morning near the state boundary, andhra pradesh police conducted a surprise inspection of cars entering from Telangana. In response to the "Chalo Rajahmundry" appeal issued by hyderabad IT workers in protest of the detention of former andhra pradesh chief minister and tdp leader N chandrababu naidu, this action was taken.

The Andhra-Telangana border was marked by barriers, and police were seen vigorously scrutinising vehicles coming from Telangana. According to reports, IT workers in hyderabad are protesting the tdp leader's detention by planning an automobile march from hyderabad to vijayawada, andhra pradesh, on Sunday. However, the Andhra police rejected the request for authorization. tdp leader Naidu is being held at rajahmundry Central Prison in relation to an alleged scheme involving skill development.

According to sources, vijayawada Commissioner Kanthi Rana Tata gave police officers instructions to limit the admission of IT workers into the state. According to mylavaram ACP Ramesh, restriction orders have been issued in vijayawada under CrpC Section 144, and anyone who disobeys the restrictions would be charged under the appropriate sections.

There is no authorization for them to travel to rajahmundry, despite reports that Hyderabad-based IT workers want to do so to show their support for the former chief minister Chandrababu Naidu.In vijayawada, section 144 has been put into effect.In the event that they (IT staff) disobey directions, we will take legal action and place them under the proper sections...We implore them not to transgress the relevant laws and stay away from Rajahmundry. ACP Ramesh remarked.

The security measures outside the rajahmundry Central Prison were increased earlier this week. Naidu's remand was prolonged by the anti-corruption bureau (ACB) court in vijayawada for an additional two days on Friday. The tdp leader would be questioned by the Crime Investigation Department (CID) from 9 am to 5 pm, according to the court's decision.

The anti-corruption bureau (ACB) court in vijayawada sentenced chandrababu naidu to judicial imprisonment on september 10 for 14 days, or until september 23, in relation to an alleged Skill Development Corporation fraud. According to the officials, the case in which Naidu was detained involves the creation of clusters of Centres of Excellence (CoEs) across the state of andhra pradesh, with a total estimated project value of Rs 3300 crore. The agency representatives further said that the suspected scam cost the state government more than Rs 300 crore in losses.

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