Reportedly Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan's brother Nagababu's comments about alliance with tdp became a sensation. He commented that if the alliance comes to power, pawan kalyan will be the CM. Moreover, despite the alliance, tdp should work under the Jana Sena. Film actor and Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan's elder brother Nagababu's comments have become a topic of discussion. His comments against the tdp created a stir in the political circles. He made it clear that pawan kalyan will be the cm if he gets majority seats in alliance with TDP. He commented that tdp will have to work under Jana Sena.


Jana Sena leader nagababu, who is on a visit to Chittoor, made sensational comments. He had a meeting with janasena activists in Chittoor. Activists mentioned Jana Sena alliance with TDP. nagababu expressed his grievances that the tdp leaders harassed him. nagababu tried to correct those activists. It is advised to forget the past and move forward for a better future. Moreover, it is noteworthy to mention that tdp should work under us. He explained that despite the alliance, tdp leaders will have to work under us. Despite being in alliance with tdp, janasena leaders have suggested that our party agenda should be taken forward. He expressed confidence that pawan kalyan will become the chief minister if he comes to power. It is known that Pawan Kalyan, who is in alliance with the BJP, has announced that he will go with the tdp in the next assembly elections. Since then, the TDP-Jana Sena alliance has been under discussion. Discontents are also emerging between the cadres of these two parties. Until recently there were opinions that the Jana Sena alliance could not be done with the TDP. pawan kalyan has often said that he has strong ties with the BJP. However, Pawan Kalyan's announcement that he will work to bring tdp into alliance with him has become sensational. There is still no clarity on this issue from the BJP.

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