Union minister Bhagwant Khuba lashed out at cm Siddaramaiah, saying that the state government's release of water to tamil Nadu without safeguarding the interests of the people is an unforgivable crime and condemnable. Speaking to the media at his residence in Bidar Nagar, he said that it is everyone's right to raise their voice when faced with problems in the democratic system, thus the Cauvery struggle is a good example of how the state government is suppressing those who raise their voice and the congress government has lost the confidence of the people within six months. Cauvery water is our right, the water needed by our people is not the right move. In the all-party meeting, all the leaders of the bjp party opposed the issue of water release. But Siddaramaiah, rahul gandhi and sonia gandhi are giving water to tamil Nadu. The work of crushing those who are struggling in Bangalore is going on. No one is a Jagga or Kugga for the Tughlaq darbar of this government and you will have to face the consequences in the next elections. This bad government has brought a situation where Kannadigas are bowing their heads. No matter how many times he caned. Let's fight till the CM's chair is removed bjp leaders expressed their support to the fighters saying that they are with the Cauvery fighters.

In the all-party meeting, the bjp central leaders said that the central government should do whatever it takes to help on the Cauvery issue. cm Siddaramaiah should stop pointing fingers at the prime minister again. You don't need to tell prime minister Modi what to do, don't be a handcuff of INDIA, Siddaramaiah, Darpa should show that first solve people's problems as Chief Minister. In the past, the chief minister also left the chair when the water and land problems of the state came up. It is not because of you, you are not worthy, and the cm should leave the chair, Khuwa thundered against the CM.

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