governor C.P. Radhakrishnan says that Jharkhand's precious Tussar silk has the potential to gain deep

recognition in the domestic and international markets and the Central Silk Board and Khadi Board are keen to

promote it. The governor also stressed the need to promote Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) and

Self Help Groups (SHGs) to boost the rural economy of the tribal dominated state.

Radhakrishnan told PTI in an exclusive interview on monday (October 2) that I met a team from the Central

Silk Board and asked them to make Tussar silk carpets and promote them on a large scale in both the domestic

and international markets. Said for. india is the second largest producer of silk in the world and jharkhand is the

largest producer of tussar silk in the country, accounting for about 65 percent of the total domestic production.

Has promoted tussar silk internationally

Tussar silk sarees under the banner of Jharcraft (Jharkhand Silk Textiles and Handicrafts Development

Corporation Limited) have already made their mark in the global markets. The governor said that Prime

Minister narendra modi has promoted tussar silk at the international level. Modi had gifted Jharkhand's hand-

woven Tussar silk cloth to US First Lady Jill Biden during his three-day visit to the US in June. Governor

Radhakrishnan said that the Khadi Board is working with the Khadi Board to promote Tussar carpet. speaking

terms. We are grateful to the prime minister for promoting Tussar silk at the international level.

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