The yellow media's acts seem unrestricted. They have recently been circulating the myth that kcr will suffer a political loss as a result of CBN's arrest and BRS's lack of backing for the demonstrators who are opposing this arrest.  According to Yellow Media's estimate, BRS would lose the election because of the CBN Effect.  According to the yellow media, there are allegedly 40,000 people in each telangana seat who still support CBN. All of these votes appear to be going to the congress, not BRS.

The irony in this situation is that the same CBN was allied with the congress during the 2018 telangana elections, when KCR's party won a landslide victory and more than 85 seats. Despite the TDP's backing at the time, the congress failed to gain even 20 members. It's important to note that the congress had attributed their underwhelming showing in those elections on the tdp alliance.

How can it be anticipated that the CBN factor, which in telangana failed to have any influence while being in an alliance with a national party, will have an impact now that it is operating only on emotion and without an affiliation?  Without realising that everyone is making fun of their analyses, the yellow media appears to assume that they can push any narrative as propaganda.

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