There is a lot of rhetoric in the lok sabha over DMK mp DNV senthilkumar S calling hindi speaking states as

cow urine states. When journalists asked questions to Jan Suraj leader prashant kishor about this statement on

Wednesday, he said that some mp said something and you are making noise on this. The mp said that this is a

state of cow urine, this is wrong, absolutely wrong and should not be said like this. You felt bad about it, but if we

are backward and illiterate. If our children go out to work, they will not put you on the throne.

Abuse is heard even in Maharashtra- prashant Kishore

While talking to journalists in Bahadurpur block of Darbhanga, prashant kishore said that you are not worried

about your child roaming on the road all day long. If you are illiterate, people will call you illiterate. If you are

poor then no one will start calling you rich. If you are working as a laborer for someone, then he will not call you

his boss. We are people of Bihar, when we go out we hear abuses in maharashtra too and the same happens in

Uttar Pradesh, delhi and tamil Nadu. We and you do not make this understanding and are abusing other states.

You are not looking at your condition

The election strategist said that if a man from maharashtra works as a laborer in agriculture in Bihar, what would

you say about him? You are not looking at your condition, you are not making arrangements to educate your

children. Are not worrying about employment in their state, which should be done. Let us tell you that during the

winter session of Parliament, DMK mp DNV senthilkumar S. Expressing regret over his cow urine comment, he

withdrew it on Wednesday. He said that if the statement given by me yesterday unknowingly has hurt the

sentiments of members and sections of the people, then I would like to take it back. I request to remove these

words. I regret it.

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