Reportedly on tuesday itself, AAP can announce candidates for lok sabha elections in delhi, haryana and Gujarat. In this meeting to be held at the residence of cm Arvind Kejriwal, the names of lok sabha candidates will be discussed. aam aadmi party had already announced candidates for Bharuch and bhavnagar lok sabha seats of Gujarat. party MLA Chaitra Vasava from Bharuch and Umeshbhai Makwana from bhavnagar are candidates.

Meanwhile congress and aam aadmi party had announced seat sharing in delhi, gujarat, goa and haryana on saturday (January 24). In delhi, AAP will contest elections on four seats and congress on three seats. Along with this, aam aadmi party will also contest elections on Bharuch and bhavnagar seats of gujarat and Kurukshetra lok sabha seat of Haryana. Both the parties have decided to contest elections separately on all the 13 lok sabha seats of Punjab, however, congress will field its candidate in chandigarh lok sabha constituency.

AAP will field candidates from South delhi, West delhi, east delhi and New delhi lok sabha seats, while congress will contest from chandni Chowk, North West delhi and North east delhi seats. There are seven lok sabha seats in Delhi. In the last lok sabha elections, all the seats were won by the bharatiya janata party (BJP). There are 26 lok sabha seats in Gujarat. congress will contest elections on 24 seats. There are 10 lok sabha seats in haryana and congress will contest on 9 of these seats. For the last few days, there was a tussle between the two parties regarding the Bharuch seat of gujarat because Faisal patel, son of veteran congress leader late ahmed patel and daughter mumtaz patel were opposing giving this seat to the Aam Aadmi Party. Faisal patel had even said that if this seat goes to aam aadmi party, then he and the local congress workers will not support the AAP candidate.

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