Lower Berth Rules: Lower berth for only these people on the train. indian Railways new notification...

Indian Railways has implemented a new rule giving priority to lower berth booking for senior citizens.

Indian Railways has the 2nd largest network in Asia. Lakhs of passengers travel by train every day for many reasons including convenience, safe travel, and low ticket prices. So train passengers start booking tickets a month in advance to get their favorite seat. Most people prefer to travel in Lower Perth. indian Railways has implemented a new rule to give priority to lower berth booking for senior citizens. The initiative seeks to address the specific needs of senior citizens during rail travel.

Under the latest guidelines, senior citizens are entitled to book lower berths, facilitating a comfortable and convenient travel experience. This provision underscores the Railways' commitment to cater to the diverse needs of passengers, from children to senior citizens. The decision was taken in response to concerns raised by passengers on social media about being allocated upper berths despite booking a lower berth for their elderly relative who faced mobility issues. To address this issue, indian Railways has clarified the process for getting lower berth reservations for senior citizens.

According to a notification issued by indian Railways, to ensure the allotment of the lower berth, passengers must select the reservation selection option at the time of booking. Unlike General Allotment, which is subject to the availability of seat allotments, choosing the reservation option will give priority to the limited beds. Also, indian Railways said that the lower berth will be allotted on a first-come-first-served basis, indian Railways has emphasized the importance of booking if you want a preferred seat. There is an option.

This move by indian Railways aims to streamline the booking process for senior citizens and improve the overall travel experience. Reaffirms the provision of convenient service for senior citizens by giving priority to lower-berth bookings for elderly passengers. This new rule is expected to significantly improve the convenience of travel for senior citizens, as indian Railways continues to improve its services, such initiatives provide a seamless and accessible travel experience for all passengers.

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