You will be shocked by the wealth of Praniti Shinde!!!

Voting for the first phase of elections in maharashtra started at 7 am today. Enthusiasm is being seen among the people to vote in Maharashtra. Till 11 am, 19.17 percent of voting took place in the state. Meanwhile, congress has given a ticket to Praniti Shinde from the Solapur seat. He has also filed his nomination yesterday. Information related to his assets has been revealed in the election affidavit.

How rich is Praniti Shinde?

After applying, Praniti Shinde declared her assets in the election affidavit. According to the affidavit submitted by mla Praniti Shinde, she currently has assets worth Rs 6 crore 60 lakh 70 thousand 402. If compared to 2019, his wealth has increased by Rs 1 crore 81 lakh 42 thousand 192 in five years. mla Praniti Shinde, elected from the city central assembly constituency for three consecutive times, has assets worth crores. She has also said that there is no two-wheeler or four-wheeler in his name. Compared to 2019, their deposits and money in banks have reduced by about Rs 30 lakh. There is no bank loan in the name of mla Praniti Shinde.

Where has Praniti Shinde invested?

Congress candidate from Solapur, Praniti Shinde, has 300 grams of gold jewelry and 5 acres 70 guntas of land. His investment in shares is around Rs 12 lakh. The total amount deposited in banks and postal accounts is Rs 99.51 lakh. He has not taken a loan of even a single rupee. Meanwhile, he has one house each in Dadar and Solapur, Mumbai.

Who is competing with whom on the Solapur seat?

There will be a contest between bjp mla ram Satpute and Praniti Shinde from Solapur. Voting on this seat will be held in the third phase on May 7, 2024. Meanwhile, both candidates have also started election campaigns at their respective levels. This fight is between the daughter of the former chief minister and the son of a sugarcane laborer. Praniti Shinde has more assets than ram Satpute.

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