Jitu Patwari's letter to congress workers before counting...

After the completion of four phases of voting on all 29 lok sabha seats in Madhya Pradesh, the election results are now awaited. Meanwhile, mp congress state president Jitu Patwari has written a letter to his party leaders and workers. Through the letter, he has expressed concern about the increase in voting percentage in the lok sabha elections. mp congress President Jitu Patwari has instructed his workers to immediately inform about any irregularity or complaint in the counting of votes.

Jitu Patwari's letter to congress workers

Congress leader Jitu Patwari wrote in a letter to his party leaders and workers, "Friends, the counting of votes for the election results of lok sabha elections 2024 is scheduled to take place on june 4, 2024 (Tuesday). The percentage of votes polled for the lok sabha elections has been released by the election Commission, but later after 10-11 days, the percentage of votes has been declared increased from 6 to 10 percent, due to which about 1 crore people have voted. The number of excess votes has been declared increased. Somewhere after the voting, there definitely seem to be some irregularities in the number of votes.

Congress workers advised to be cautious

He further cautioned, "Congress workers have to work with great caution in the counting of votes, hence you are expected to pay special attention to many points related to your lok sabha constituency, so that the results of the counting of votes on june 4 can be ensured." There should be no irregularities of any kind.

What things did Jitu Patwari ask to pay attention to?

The counting agent appointed for counting must be provided a copy of Form 17C so that he can match it with the details of the EVM machine at the time of commencement of counting.

Only experienced congress workers should be deployed during vote counting, so that they can complete the counting work by understanding the intricacies of vote counting.

Before the counting of votes starts, agents must reach the counting venue by 7 am. Be sure to check the numbers of EVM and VVPAD.

Such congress workers should be deployed at the counting venue that remains present at the counting venue till the final election results are declared.

If you find any irregularity or complaint in the counting of votes, inform immediately and action will be taken to resolve it.

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