Are those two women behind the post of minister..!?

- Anam wanted the post of minister along with MLC but Babu did not give it.
- Will the party be strong in nellore with gentle Anam..!
- Babu thought very strategically.

Anam Ramanarayana reddy is a senior leader in telugu politics. He has experience working as the Finance minister of Union Andhra Pradesh. The Anam brothers, who joined the congress from telugu Desam, ruled nellore politics for a few years. He worked as the Finance minister in andhra pradesh and joined the party in 2014 when the tdp came to power in AP. Immediately Chandrababu appointed him as the in-charge of Atmakuru. Anam wanted the post of minister along with MLC but Babu did not give it.
He contested from venkatagiri and won with a huge majority. Same jagan was sure to guarantee a ministerial position in the cabinet. After two years, he realized that he was not preferred there. He was enraged. In the end, he voted for tdp in the MLC elections and was expelled from YCP. Anam, who joined the tdp a few days before the elections, won this time not from venkatagiri but from a difficult seat like Atmakuru. In nellore district, there are many people like Vemireddy prashanthi Reddy, Somireddy Chandramohan reddy, and kotamreddy sridhar reddy in nellore district, but why did he give the post of minister to Anam, it seems that Babu thought very strategically.

Anam's daughter Kaivalya reddy and son-in-law worked hard for tdp even though the party was in opposition for the last five years. They are in touch with lokesh from time to time. Originally, Anam wanted to contest venkatagiri and Kaivalya reddy in Atmakuru in this election. But she got the seat. Kaivalya reddy couple had a hard time. Apart from sacrificing the seat, Konireddy Vijayamma, former mla of Anam Viyiyapura kadapa district Badwelu also faced a lot of difficulty in Badwelu. This time Badwelu would have won if the seat was given to TDP. But if Vijayamma, who was a former mla and was in charge here for five years, strengthened the party, in the end, this seat was given to BJP. With the background of the sacrifices made by both of them, this is the last chance for Anam.

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