Huge Challenges lie ahead for Vangalapudi Anitha..!?

- From village level to state minister.
-  Babu gave Anita a ministerial post in the women's sc division.
- Will her voice be highlighted in the assembly?

tdp alliance came to power in andhra pradesh state. At the same time, the composition of the state cabinet was also completed. chandrababu naidu took oath as CM. Along with him, 24 ministers joined his cabinet. In this, three women MLAs have been given a place in the cabinet by the tdp leaders. Anita of Vangalapudi deserves special mention. And who is she? How difficult it was to get to this level. Let's see what challenges lie ahead for her.
 Minister Vangalapudi Anitha was born in Lingarajupalem village of S Ramavaram mandal in Visakhapatnam district. Anita completed her MD course from AU Distance education in 2009. Later, Anita got a job as a government teacher and resigned from the job at the age of 28. Later she started village-level politics in 2012 and became an active leader in TDP. After that, Anita was elected as the state woman president of tdp and earned a good name at the state level. Since then, she has been vocal about the problems of the poor. Recognizing her talent, tdp supremo 2014 gave her a ticket from Payakaraopet sc reserved seat. Thus, she contested there and entered the assembly, winning by a margin of 2080 votes against ycp candidate Chengala Venkata Rao.

After that, in the 2019 elections, she once again contested from the Kovvuru assembly seat and lost to Taneti's Vanitha by a margin of 25 thousand votes. It can be said that when Anita entered the assembly for the first time in 2014, she created a sensation. In 2017, Anita and congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ysr congress MLA Roja had a heated argument in the Assembly. Anita, who reacted strongly to this, complained to the then Speaker kodela sivaprasad asking her to be suspended. As it looked into it, Speaker Roja was suspended from the assembly for a year. In this way, Anitha, who is making her voice heard in the assembly, has won again in the 2024 elections from Payakaraopet. tdp leader chandrababu naidu gave her a ministerial post from the women's sc division. In fact, after 62 years, this constituency got a ministerial position. All the people of that constituency are happy with this. In the same order, Anita is also likely to develop this constituency and raise her voice on issues in the assembly. Especially since she is a teacher, it seems that she is likely to speak mainly on employee issues. Also, there is a high possibility of making her voice heard in the assembly about the sc communities. In this way, many political analysts are of the opinion that Anita will fight the issues of rani Rudramala in the assembly and take the state in the direction of development.

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