Now the enemies will be stunned, there will be a fight?

Every possible effort is being made to strengthen the indian Army. In this sequence, now new weapons can also be made available to the army. The government's self-reliant india is also gaining momentum. The government is working to emphasize on the plan to manufacture army weapons in the country. The government has decided to make carbines in india for all three wings of the army i.e. land, water and air.

The government will soon order 4.2 lakh carbines for all three wings of the army. It is expected to cost more than Rs 5 thousand crore for this. To manufacture carbines for the army in such a large quantity, cooperation is expected from public and private sector companies. For this, a contract is likely to be signed with two companies of India. At present, the government of india needs more than one lakh carbines. It is expected that the work of manufacturing carbines will be done under the fast track process for the supply of carbines in a hurry. The government seems to be fully dedicated to providing only indigenously manufactured weapons to the indian Army.

Government canceled the contract

The contract has been canceled by the government of India. india has canceled the contract to buy weapons from both the United Arab Emirates and South Korea. Under this, india had to buy weapons from both the countries for a total amount of $ 2.5 billion, but now the government of india will manufacture 4.2 lakh indigenous carbines in india itself under the Atmanirbhar Bharat Yojana. Its trial process has also been completed recently. It is also possible to supply it soon from Jindal Company. The indian army is an important part of the armed forces, their preparation and technical modernization are also the responsibility of keeping them updated.

The Carbine Program is an important initiative for the indian army, which is being specially prepared for domestic and local war situations. Its main objective is to protect the armed forces in short-range battles. Jindal Defence and Taurus have taken a big step forward here. Their T4 rifle has passed all the tests, making it suitable for the indian Army. Special attention has been paid to this rifle, keeping in mind its technical excellence and safety standards. Apart from this, the indian army is proposed to acquire 4.2 lakh rifles under the program. This step is important in strengthening national security.

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