AP: If lokesh does that, will he have achieved what he wanted?

In the andhra pradesh elections, the TDP Janasena bjp party won 164 seats as part of the alliance. It seems that Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu, especially Nara Lokesh has also been given a very important post. As a part of the Yuvagalam yatra in andhra pradesh, lokesh also made many promises. Especially lokesh faced a big challenge.

Lokesh is studying at Stanford University. Many NRIs are in touch with lokesh in many countries of the world. They seem to be in touch with lokesh even though they are playing a crucial role in the industries. Also, Bharat.. TG Bharat Venkatesh's son is the minister of Industries, he is doing things fast about the affairs of industries. The english command is held by both leaders. But now there is a big task in front of these two.. Two major companies.. Tesla, and Mercaris these two companies have tried to set up their companies in india in the past.

They left before the elections and said they were coming to India. They stopped because of the electionsEspecially, they thought what if narendra modi does not come in the elections? But now narendra modi has also come into the centre. there is support from the centre. There are opportunities to provide a platform in andhra pradesh for big companies. If necessary, it can be given in Amaravati itself. Otherwise, it can be given in Visakhapatnam also. Can also be given in Rayalaseema. Can also be given in Tirupati. There are good places in Andhra Pradesh. Especially if you look at Linkkudu area ports. There are also ports of places like Visakhapatnam, kakinada and Nellore. You can export to other countries too. Exporting to other states is also very supportive. And it has to be seen if both lokesh and TG venkatesh will convince them and bring them to AP. It will be a key milestone in the development of andhra pradesh in particular. And it remains to be seen whether lokesh and TG venkatesh will do it. In the past, lokesh had said that 20 lakh jobs would be created within five years, bringing these two companies would be a success.

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