Pakistan has less nuclear weapons than india does...

The world community is engaged in a race to produce nuclear weapons. india has once again surpassed pakistan in this episode. According to the most recent data provided by SIPRI, an organization that monitors nuclear weapons worldwide, india currently possesses 172 nuclear weapons in total. pakistan has only 170 bombs as of yet. india has constructed eight new nuclear bombs in the past year, whereas pakistan has not produced any new nuclear bombs.

According to SIPRI, all nine of the world's nuclear-capable nations have upgraded their armaments. New nuclear weapons have also been deployed by these nations. china, India's greatest adversary, has produced 90 additional nuclear weapons in the past year, bringing its total to 500. The United States, russia, France, britain, china, pakistan, india, North Korea, and israel have all swiftly updated their nuclear weapons over the past year, according to the most recent statistics from SIPRI.

There are 2100 nuclear weapons on high alert worldwide.

Data for 2024 indicates that there are 12,121 nuclear weapons in the globe at the moment, of which 9,585 are stored in the military's arsenal for potential deployment. In addition, 3904 nuclear bombs have been installed in missiles and fighter aircraft. 2100 nuclear weapons have been maintained in missiles all across the world in high alert status. The countries with the most nuclear weapons on alert are the US and russia, but china has recently added 24 more to the list. china has taken this action when American tensions over taiwan are present.

America and russia together own 90% of the nuclear bombs.

Based on current estimations, there are less nuclear bombs in the globe due to the destruction of older bombs and the production of new ones. SIPRI has stated that it is concerned about the continued use of nuclear weapons on alert mode and that this trend might persist in the upcoming years. According to SIPRI, North Korea, pakistan, and india are developing the capability to carry multiple nuclear warheads on a single missile. china, the United States, russia, and britain have already started doing this. Under such circumstances, the quantity of nuclear bombs carried by fighter aircraft and missiles is rising. Currently, ninety percent of the nuclear weapons in the world are in the hands of America and Russia.

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