Jagan has to accept his defeat in AP..!?

* It would be better if jagan gave bold counters to TDP.
* cm jagan has to take steps forward while respecting the public verdict.
* jagan should question the promises given by the TDP.

In politics, ships become carts and carts become ships. The same thing happened with Jagan. jagan achieved sensational results in the 2019 elections but could not get the expected results in the 2024 elections. Even in constituencies like Kanchukot, ycp got the worst results. Even in its own district Kadapa, the existence of ycp is in question. people should think that welfare alone is not enough, they also want development. The criticism of the tdp leaders on the ycp rule of the last five years should be given bold counters. There is a need to come forward to the media and answer the questions of the media bravely and try to get the people's approval again. ycp lost this election with a margin of 10 percent votes.
But there is a need for jagan to ask himself why those 10 percent votes did not come correct the mistakes and take steps forward. jagan is currently in a situation where he has to be a regular mla in the ap Assembly. While remaining sober in the assembly meetings, jagan should question the opposition about the promises given by the tdp about the development of AP.

On the 1st of July, tdp had to borrow 10 thousand crore rupees for salaries and pensions. There is no need to tell how much tdp should be spent in order to implement other schemes as well. It can be said that if jagan stops boasting that ycp is the power in 2029 and takes steps forward by observing the actual situation, it will be a plus for YCP.

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