Modi: Another key position of tdp at the center?

Chandrababu Naidu got a chance to turn the wheel at the center. Unexpectedly, the telugu desam party became crucial as the nda alliance got fewer seats. In India... in the parliamentary elections held the other day... the bjp party on its own won only 240 seats. BJP... is frustrated that they will get more than 300 seats on their own.

But the people of india who could not bear the interruptions of the Modi government... voted for the Congress. Due to this, the indian alliance was exceptionally strong. But the bjp party, which got fewer seats, formed the government at the center for the third time with its allies. But we all know that the telugu desam party, which won 16 seats, has become a key part of the nda alliance.

It was at this time that members of parliament of Chandrababu's party also got two Union minister posts. But now... Modi has decided to give another offer to Chandrababu Naidu. The same is the post of Speaker of the Lok Sabha. Modi has proposed to make one of the tdp MPs the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. But chandrababu naidu responded positively to this.

In fact, during Vajpayee's time, Amalapuram mp Chandra bala Yogi was appointed as Speaker. And now, under Chandrababu's rule, that opportunity has once again come to the telugu Desam Party. But chandrababu naidu, who has already taken two posts of Union minister, is discussing about who should be given the post of Speaker. In the context of the commencement of the parliament sessions today, there will be clarity on the post of Speaker. Also, the name of Purandareshwari is coming... Modi is considering it. It is reported that the decision on the post of Speaker will be made clear today

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