Is KCR's arrow hitting himself?

There are many reports that the present cm Revanth reddy is making the same mistakes made by then chief minister KCR. But it can be said that kcr initiated this opportunistic politics. BRS came to power in 2014. congress MLAs were inducted into the party despite having a complete majority. When it came to power for the second time in 2018, congress MLAs were taken into the party despite having a complete majority.

In BRS 2004, five people got ministerial posts in the then cm YS's cabinet. kcr became a Union minister in the then Prime minister Manmohan Singh's cabinet. With this, KCR's family all took a group photo thanking sonia gandhi for giving telangana and said that BRS would be merged with Congress. Apparently, the congress party wants to be free of names, and the winning MLAs have taken them into the BRS, hoping for positions for all.

On that day MLAs showed their arrogance by including everyone in the party without needing him. They wanted to completely eliminate the congress in the state. But in the end, as if he himself fell into the well he helped himself to, and if he thinks of something, he thinks of God, and the congress is also following the method he started. Senior leaders and MLAs from his party are joining the congress party one by one. Moreover, there is a possibility that the BRS will be vacant in the coming days. Some people join Congress and some people look towards the BJP.

 All MLAs currently in BRS will be inducted into the party. Political analysts say that kcr, who wanted to destroy the congress party, has finally brought him to a situation where he will destroy the party itself.

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