Big shock for Revanth.. jeevan Reddy's resignation?

Revanth Reddy's decisions are angering senior congress leaders. Recently... Jagitya congress leaders are firing on cm Revanth Reddy. The Jagityal congress leaders are angry that revanth reddy is acting as he likes without giving value to the seniors... he is doing injustice to the senior leaders. This controversy came to the fore when Sanjay Kumar, mla of Jagityala Rose Party, joined the congress party at midnight on Sunday.

In the presence of telangana chief minister Revanth Reddy... on Sunday... Kalvakuntla's closest family member, Jagityala's young mla Sanjay Kumar paid tribute to the congress party. On this occasion... Revanth Reddy himself took a scarf and invited Jagityala mla Sanjay Kumar... into the Congress. But this matter has angered the MLC leaders, Jagityala tiger jeevan Reddy.

If pocharam srinivas reddy joins the congress party, MLC jeevan reddy is serious but now his rival Jagityala mla Sanjay Kumar is expressing more anger as he joins the Congress. Besides, all the congress leaders in Jagityala district went to jeevan Reddy's house. This clearly shows the rush of activists near jeevan Reddy's house. The jeevan reddy group is trying to put pressure on Revanth reddy to back down immediately.

Jeevan Reddy's group is furious about how will Sanjay Kumar, who has been a bully for the congress leaders for the last ten years, be included in the party. Besides... Jeevan Reddy... is also discussing with the activists that if Sanjay is not sent out... they will leave the Congress. With this, the joining of mla Jagityala in the congress party has become a hot topic. Let's see how cm revanth reddy will deal with this.

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