TDP: Naidu owes parliament on a bicycle..!

Parliament sessions have started from today. While the 17th lok sabha sessions were held until recently... From this, the first sessions of the 18th lok sabha began under the new government. On this occasion, the Proteins Speaker will administer the oath to the newly elected members of Parliament. On this day, 280 MPs will take oath simultaneously. All arrangements have been made to this extent.

At such a moment... a rare incident took place in the parliament premises. Appalanayudu, a member of Parliament of the telugu desam party, reached the parliament building on a bicycle. Kalishetty Appalanaidu recently won the vizianagaram Member of Parliament. He won from the telugu Desam Party. It is against this background that Appalanaidu will enter the lok sabha for the first time.

With this, a new idea was launched. Appalanaidu came to parliament on a bicycle, reminding everyone of his party's symbol, the bicycle. He came to parliament on a bicycle wearing telugu desam party color clothes. This incident has become a hot topic. Seeing this incident, the fellow members of parliament are showering praises on him. Being an MP... they say it is great to come on a bicycle like a common citizen.

Meanwhile... Kalishetty Appalanaidu... is choosing about 15 lakh voters. He won with an overwhelming majority as a tdp candidate from vizianagaram parliamentary constituency. Appalanaidu won by about 2 lakh 30 thousand votes over the ycp candidate. This is the first time he won as an MP. Earlier, he had rendered many services as a journalist... as a public servant.

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