Will Verma who gave life to janasena, be given that position?

* The leader who gave life to Pawan.
* Good reputation in Pithapuram.
* Ability to win independently.

Telugu Desam party alliance won the andhra pradesh state assembly elections. The sacrifice of former pithapuram mla Verma is greater than all of them. Verma sacrificed the pithapuram constituency, which he should definitely win, for Pawan Kalyan. At first, Verma, who was upset with telugu desam party chief chandrababu naidu then understood the situation and supported Pawan Kalyan. In pithapuram Constituency, behind Pawan Kalyan's victory, former mla Verma's role is clear. pithapuram telugu desam party cadre convinced janasena party chief Pawan Kalyan. Along with them, he also went around the entire constituency of Pithapuram. No matter how much pressure came from the ycp party without compromising anywhere, Verma worked hard only for Pawan Kalyan's victory.
As a result, pawan kalyan won in the pithapuram constituency with a majority of 70 thousand. Besides, pawan kalyan has taken up the post of deputy cm of AP. In 2014, Verma who raised the flag in pithapuram as an independent candidate, did not cross the telugu desam party line without going ahead and not Pawan Kalyan. But such pithapuram Verma not only the telugu brothers but also the janasena party workers want a key position in the coalition government.

Pawan kalyan also discussed the same issue with Chandrababu. Information is being received that apart from nominated positions, the possibilities of giving MLC to Verma are clear. Some people say that Verma, who works hard for the party, will be given the post of MLC as well as the post of minister. And for pithapuram Varma we have to see what kind of decision Chandrababu will take.

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