KCR should realise his mistakes..!?

*  He changed the name of the party from trs to BRS.
* 10 years of power that left kcr greedy!
* It is better to suppress the greedy ego!

It is known that after the formation of telangana state, kcr had momentum for a decade. For the first 10 years, he swayed people well and turned them towards him. For the remaining five years, people's eyes turned with the momentum of KCR. After 10 years, the people of telangana stopped the momentum of KCR. kcr, who ruled well for the first 5 years, after winning for the second time, became proud that there was no one as good as me. Greed grew along with ego. Well, there is no need to increase greed, but as ego is added to it, people judge and dethrone and trample ego. He changed the name of the party from trs to BRS due to egoistic greed. With that, the horoscope of the party also changed. Serving people is the real victory. If you do that, victory will come easily.
Due to the greed to blow it up and turn the wheel in the country's politics, kcr is now in a situation where he has to lose very badly and suffer a lot. KCR's condition will not change even if kavitha is found innocent and released from jail. There is no possibility of change. Who can change KCR's horoscope i.e. his son ktr for now? Unlike his father, if he takes steps towards increasing his grip on the party without losing his ego and not being greedy, there are chances of a change in the party's situation. If kcr and ktr do not take steps together in the right direction, the future of the party is sure to go to the shed.

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