The long-awaited teaser for Pawan Kalyan's role in Balayya's "Unstoppable" was recently made public. Despite the craze among followers, there is disagreement on Pawan Kalyan's appearance. Some people think he's amazing, and this is how the conversation now stands. Most of the fans aren't happy with his looks and some of them openly express their hatred towards his aging looks hairstyle and so on.

Pawan looks extremely dapper even though he doesn't wear any particular designer clothing when he makes public appearances these days at parties or other occasions. The actor does not, however, enjoy wearing makeup for special occasions. But when the Powerstar unexpectedly shows up wearing what looks like a luxury jacket, many people would undoubtedly think something is off with his appearance.

At the same time, pawan kalyan started to lose track of his fitness, and the effects of his lack of sleep are fairly apparent on his face. This may have disappointed some others as well. The fans, on the other hand, are quite pleased with Pawan's visit, his candour and sense of humour, and the manner he spent time with balayya and there have been lots of gags and laughs between those two stalwarts.

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