The forthcoming episode of Aha's Unstoppable with NBK appears to be the "Baap of all episodes," as they like to put it. Unstoppable with NBK season 2 will include Powerstar pawan kalyan in the upcoming episode. Everyone was drawn in by the promo, and while the audience is anticipating the season finale with glee, the producers are feeling the tremors. With the pspk episode, the crew hopes to prevent the server crash that occurred during the Unstoppable episode with prabhas and strong user traffic at Aha.

Approximately 2 million users are anticipated to view the episode in the first three hours after it is released. In order to handle the increase in user traffic, the creators' team increased their server thresholds. In order to prevent crashes in the event that there are over 2 million incoming users, they also established backup servers. The stability of the platform is being watched by focus teams after the episode's release. It appears that the pspk X NBK show is nothing less than the film's premiere for Pawan Kalyan.

And, this is the last and finale episode of UNSTOPPABLE and we aren't sure if balayya might be coming back for a Season 3 as he is tightly packed with a schedule and he can't afford time for a Talk show.

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