Bigg Boss telugu 7-Bike Race Challenge-Different task!!!

The first three weeks in the bigg boss telugu 7 residence have flown by. The ulta-pulta season is moving forward with a strategy that the show's devoted fans have not yet fully grasped, despite numerous rumours about no eliminations and the addition of wild card housemates. Three contestants were kicked off the show over the course of three weeks, leaving bigg boss telugu 7 with just 11 housemates. The first task began after the nominations for the fourth week.

Sandeep, Sivaji, and Shobha Shetty, the three destined housemates, are the bankers in the first task of week 4 inside the bigg boss telugu 7 house. Participants in the competition must complete the bike Race task and gather coins. Rathika and Tasty teja face off against gautham and Amardeep in the opening challenge. The amount of coins that each contestant has according to updates from bigg boss telugu 7 social media pages is as follows. 51 Tasty teja Yawar- 43 41 Amardeep Rathika is 25 and priyanka is 41. 34 Prashanth 31 Subhashree 24 Gautham. There are now only 11 contestants left in bigg boss telugu 7 after three weeks of eliminations. 

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