kalki koechlin, a gifted actress of French and tamil descent, flaunted her lovely beach body in a bikini. On social media, the actress proudly displays her gorgeous curves in a pastel blue bikini while grinning. The body transforms, the author writes. Some days it's harder to show off, and ten years from now I'll have different issues, but today I'm celebrating this remarkable machine. It shrinks and enlarges, stretches and ages, breaks and fixes itself, cries, laughs, and leaves scars that are witness to its mending.

We won't be surprised if social media and the media in general shape how we think our bodies should look, leaving us completely open to artificial beauty standards. Which frequently causes us to overlook the idea that we ought to be appreciative of our bodies for supporting us. Recently, actress kalki koechlin shared a couple images on her instagram page to celebrate her amazing figure and to encourage body positivity.

"We should embrace our bodies" sounds so straightforward, yet not everyone can accept all the scars, changes, and insecurities they have about themselves. But what we all need to cherish in our lives is accepting ourselves as who we are rather than relying on the false image of what a beautiful body looks like and enjoying our bodies for completing all the essential jobs for supporting us.

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