With a 61-year age difference, Miracle Pogue, 24, and her 85-year-old husband Charles are attempting to produce a family. They connected right away after meeting in 2019 while Miracle was working in a laundromat. Miracle claims that she was initially shocked to learn Charles' age, but that she later forgot about it since she fell in love with him. 2020 saw Charles' engagement, and that same year, in July, they were wed. 

Miracle's father initially resisted Charles, but soon warmed to him. The pair is currently looking into their choices for IVF family building. Miracle claims that she respects Charles for who he is, loves his company, and believes that they can relate to one another. Miracle claims that her grandfather Joe Brown, 72, and mother Tamika Phillips, 45, supported the relationship right away after observing how happy the elderly made her. Kareem Phillips, her 47-year-old father, was more difficult to persuade.

"Charles used to bring in one article of clothes and only want me to serve him," recalled Miracle from Starkville, Mississippi, in the United States. One day he walked in like he was a player, threw a piece of paper down, and said, "Write down your number." He served as my shining knight. He didn't make me feel strange, and we seemed to get along well. He made me feel at ease, and we had a terrific talk.

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