Shah Rukh Khan will finally return to the spotlight with his upcoming film "Pathaan," whose advance ticket sales are already setting a record of sorts. Additionally, this film attracted attention for deepika Padukone's bikini attractiveness as well as its breathtaking action scenes. Here are two additional items that some people truly find intriguing.

A gifted director like siddharth anand, whose action movies like Bang Bang and war are renowned for their strong screenplays and beautiful graphics, is creating Pathaan. Since Pathaan requires extensive VFX work, the director has upped his game by using big format IMAX cameras to capture the majority of the action scenes. Additionally, this is a type of record as the first indian movie to use those cameras.

In contrast, moviemakers typically look for new locations to shoot their films, and this time siddharth anand travelled to Lake Baikal in Southern Siberia, Russia. Shahrukh and john abraham shot some fantastic action sequences there when the lake froze in the winter, when it was close to -19 degrees. This sequence is reportedly incredibly stunning and will completely daze the audience. We also would love to break a big surprise that the saffron bikini of deepika stays in the movie and it wasn't chopped after so many controversies.

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