Sher Khan killed a bear, then this happened to the king of the jungle, dangerous fight in Corbett tiger Reserve

tiger is considered to be the biggest hunter in the jungle, but in front of an animal like bear, he also got badly.

jim corbett tiger Reserve Viral Video- tiger (Bagh) is kept at the top of the food chain, that is, scientists also believe that he is the biggest predator in the forest and there is no one to hunt him. But even being at the top of the food chain doesn't guarantee you'll be brave when faced with a fearsome animal like a bear. What happens on such an occasion has been seen in the famous jim corbett National Park in Uttarakhand. The video of jim corbett tiger Reserve is going viral, in which a fight between a tiger and a bear is being seen.

This video of jim corbett tiger Reserve in uttarakhand has been shared by uttarakhand Forest Research Institute on social media. In the video, tiger tried to hunt the bear by pawing it from behind. At first it seemed that the tiger had caught the bear, but the next moment the dice turned. The bear turned out to be much bigger than the tiger and caught the tiger upside down with its long nails. After this, tiger understood his good in running away.

jim corbett National Park has been considered the home of the bengal Tiger. Here tigers are found in large numbers, but the number of bears is not very high. The Forest Department does not even have any definite figure of the number of bears here. Although for the first time in the year 2020, an attempt was made to count the bears with the help of trap cameras, but its data has not been made public yet. The presence of bears has been visible in the Bijrani, Dhela and Jhirna ranges of the tiger Reserve. By the way, if we talk about the state of uttarakhand, there has been a large number of bears here, but most of the bears are found only in the higher Himalayan regions. There their poaching has also been caught on a large scale.

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