the family man went on to enjoy tremendous success, and now the audience is impatiently awaiting news about the third season. Farzi, a new series by the directors Raj & DK that explores money forgery, is also a hit. Stars like shahid kapoor and vijay sethupathi play significant roles in the television series. Well, after viewing Farzi, the family man viewers are making the connection that Farzi also comes from the same universe.

First things first, Michael and Srikant Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee in The Family Man) have a lot in common (Vijay Sethupathi in Farzi). Both police officers come from middle class families and are loyal to their jobs but not to the government. They also both have their own personal problems. Apart from that, their investigative instincts and intuitions frequently mirror one another, and even some of their decisions seem to be influenced by the same league or thinking.

The very well-known "Chellam" sir from the family man makes a cameo appearance in "Farzi" as Michael asks for a favour. It goes without saying how important "Chellam" sir is in the family man, despite the fact that his part is merely "blink and miss." Additionally, Michael makes a subtle reference to "Shrikant Tiwari" in one of the sequences by asking two men if "Tiwari" is in the office and then saying "Hi" to Tiwari.

Michael calls someone on the phone in another episode to ask for a favour. And it goes without saying that the caller on the other end was Shrikant Tiwari, whose voice was instantly recognisable to die-hard fans of The Family Man.

Overall, the fact that Michael called Shrikant Tiwari, asked Chellam Sir for assistance, and left other hints suggests that the family man and Farzi are set in the same universe as each other. This is going to be the most fascinating universe, without a doubt.

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