Viral: Man rocks the runway while wearing a skirt...

The video of a young man doing a catwalk wearing a skirt is becoming very viral on social media. In which he is seen doing a catwalk in a moving train. Seeing which the passengers are also looking confused. This video is being told of mumbai local train. The video has got more than 6 lakh views and people are giving different reactions.

The person seen in the video is shivam Bhardwaj. shivam is a fashion blogger, who keeps sharing fashion-related videos on his Instagram. shivam has an account on social media by the name of 'The Guy in a Skirt'. It can be seen in the viral video that shivam is seen doing a catwalk wearing a skirt in a moving train.

She is wearing a flowy skirt and black coloured sunglasses. Passengers sitting on the train are seen staring at shivam while doing the catwalk. Some people are also capturing this scene on their phones.

Criticism has to be faced for this fashion

Even before this, shivam has been seen many times in girls' clothes. He has to face a lot of criticism for this fashion style. Users talk about all kinds of things about shivam on social media. But regardless of people's taunts, shivam has managed to make his mark in the fashion industry.

People are now also accepting this work. Some users on social media are also praising his dressing sense and confidence.

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