The in-laws of these so-called heroines, who marry either directors or heroes, are typically highly rigid in the tamil film industry. Because of this, not many female actors continue to play leading roles in movies after being married. nayantara is continuing it, but she isn't promoting glamour the way she is accustomed to doing it.

On that topic, the upcoming movie Simbu's Pathu Thala, which is scheduled for release on march 30th, has an item song called Raawadi that will definitely shock you. Sayyesha Saigal, the star child of Akhil's first film, performed this song by AR Rahman. She later married tamil actor arya and relocated in Chennai. Sayyesha broke all the odds that tamil "Kodallu" of the film business follows by performing this item number, despite being married to another superstar and being a mother.

Although she is out of shape and has poor dance skills, everyone is nonetheless drawn to her alluring emotions. Additionally, Sayyesha's item song demonstrates how hollywood equivalents like priyanka chopra and deepika Padukone, who continued to wear bikinis and liplocks after getting married, are an inspiration to more and more heroines. I hope Sayyesha's brave action serves as an example for others.

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