German woman wandered n*ked in the temple..!?

At a temple in Bali, a German woman suddenly took off her clothes and behaved strangely. The public in the temple complex was shocked by this incident. A German woman suddenly took off her clothes and started behaving strangely inside a temple in Bali, Indonesia. A large number of people were present during the incident. German woman creates a sensation by behaving strangely in the temple in Bali. Due to this, there was a tense atmosphere for a long time. After stripping off her clothes, this woman wandered hither and thither, quarreling with the attendants of the temple. The temple management informed the emergency services and the police. After that somehow the girl was controlled and the situation was brought under control.
According to a report published in the South china Morning Post, the 28-year-old German woman, whose name is Tarja, did not even pay for the hotel she was staying at. The issue has come to light as indonesia is cracking down on the mistreatment of tourists by enforcing strict rules. The people present couldn't understand why she suddenly caused a stir in the temple naked. On being tipped off, the police rushed to the spot and arrested the German tourist for being naked in a temple in Bali and causing a disturbance in the holy place.The woman was sent to a psychiatric hospital. The police investigation revealed that she was mentally unstable. After that, Indonesian authorities, following the Ministry of Foreign Affairs protocol, sent her to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. The police said that she was roaming around naked in the hostel where she was staying. police spokesman Stephan said of the incident that the German woman was "angry and sad". Wishing to stay here for a little longer, she said that she had exhausted all the money she had brought from home during her long stay.

Temple Purification:

After this incident, the priests cleaned the temple. Indonesia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reported that cases of offending the religious sentiments of Hindus in Bali have been on the rise for some time. Foreign tourists are expelled from the country under charges of causing trouble while intoxicated or behaving in a way that affects the dignity of religious places or spreading obscenity.

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